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Vacation In Bandung

Bandung is the capital of  West Java, Indonesia. Bandung is famous for food culinary, shopping areas and beautiful places for tourist attraction. You haven’t been in Bandung if you haven’t visited those places. It will take a lot of time to visit all of the tourist attraction there. Maybe you can start exploring by visiting natural tourism in Lembang. Lembang has a lot of recommended places, such as :

1. Farm House Lembang

This place is located in Lembang not very far from Bandung. Farm House Lembang is an European style garden with mini zoo, restaurants, and  a lot of beautiful photo spots. You can also rent Dutch costumes to make your photos are cooler according to the theme of the garden.

2. Floating Market

At Floating Market you can find numerous booths of food and cute merchandise for souvenirs. You can also try riding a canoe and taking pictures in Japanese or Korean clothes rented .  There is also a miniature train station and children’s playground too.

3. Dusun Bambu

Spacious garden and nicely arranged, completed with restaurant and eatery places like bird cages under trees, playing ground, camping ground, and small unique bamboo house to stay. You will feel like home and want to take pictures there. Of course, your photo collections will be increased, because there are many beautiful photo spots not to miss.  So, don’t forget to have your handphone and camera batteries in full charge. 

4. Orchid Forest

Orchid Forest is located at Cikole, Lembang. This place is also a spacious garden and nicely arranged. There are playing ground, camping ground, eatery places. You can buy various orchids too. There are wooden benches under pine trees to sit and take some pictures. There is a long bamboo bridge between pine trees that look very beautiful. You can walk on the bridge and return through the garden under the bridge or by a flying fox. There are a lot of other beautiful photo spots too. So, don’t let you miss the instragrammable places to take pictures.

5. Tangkuban Perahu

Not far from Orchid Forest, you can arrive at Tangkuban Perahu. This mountain is famous for its sulfur crater and Sangkuriang Legend. The mountain shape is like an inverted boat. It is said that the mountain was formed  when the boat made by Sangkuriang was kicked and turned upside down. The crater scenery looks so  fantastic. You can take some pictures around the mountain.

So guys, what do you think about tourist attraction in Bandung especially Lembang area? Interesting, isn’t it? Plan immediately for a vacation in Bandung. You need at least 2 or 3 days to explore more than 1 tourist attraction. Because of  the traffic jams at  weekends or on holidays, it seems like  impossible to spend a little time in every place as it is too cool and you will regret to miss.

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