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Teaching English To Kids

English Language is an International language that become a brenchmark for all conversations, both formal and informal conversations. English language is now used in every level like in the office, school, personal, and even in the kindergarten. That’s why many parents would like to teach their children English at home. It’s not an easy thing to do but you have to try. Do it continuously in your daily activities. It’s better to teach them in enjoy and fun way. So they don’t feel like studying and do it happily.

There are 10 tips to teach English to young children :

1. Make it an Immersive Experience

Give your children an immersive experience at home. Create an English athmosphere at home by talking English or watching English Movie and Listening to English song everyday. So, they get used to it.

2. Using a Musical

You can play DVD of an English song everyday, so your children get used to hear that and start to sing an English song. You can correct them when they make a wrong word and explain the meaning of the song.

3. Converse in English at Home

Talk to them about their activities that they are doing. For example, talk about clothes when they are getting dressed or talk about colour when they are drawing, etc.

4. Using Games

Most of the children are like playing the games. So, while you play with your children you can teach them new vocabulary and simple sentences. By looking at the picture and matching it with the word will make them remember the name of the picture and ask them to say it too.

5. Through a Story

Children are usually like listening a story. You can read books with bright colours and attractive illustrations to make them interesting. Look at the picture or the word at the book together and explain what the meaning of the picture or the word. And ask them to say the word.

6. Repetition Grammar

You can teach grammar for your children through conversation everyday. Use the right grammar in general conversations. Through hearing, watching and repetition can make them memorize for a long time.

7. Mix Games They Like with Nuggets of English Language

Play the games that they like. Make questions related to the games. Give the clue and  ask them to guess it.

8. Creative Expression

Let your children to express about their activities or their feeling. Ask them to write it down  even not in the right grammar. And then help them to correct the sentences.

9. By Physical Exersice

You can play with your children or ask them to get their friends together. Say the name of the part of bodies and ask them to touch it. For example, “Touch your ear!” and they have to touch their ear. Give a reward to those who do the command quickly and true.

10. Watching Film

Children are usually like watching cartoons film. Show them an appropriate English film and accompany them to watch it. Ask them to tell about the storyline of the film.

That’s all I guess. Whatever the way you do, the most important thing is you and your children having fun and enjoying it.

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