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Six Ways To Teach English To Children

Every Mom wants to teach English to their children. As moms, you must be patient to be able to teach your children, because every child needs different time to be able to absorb English. There are six ways how you teach English to children as follows:

1. Make Routine Activities

Doing the same activities at the same time every day in English will make easier for children to focus on learning the language . For example, teach English before going to bed with bedtime stories or after going home from school. Ask them to play at home using English. This way attracts children’s attention. You can do it in a short time, 15 minutes a day. This can be done in stages, do a longer duration according to their age.

2. Tell Stories

Children like their moms to tell stories, especially before going to bed. The stories in pictures and colorful books will be very interesting for them. Tell the children about everything in the book, and make questions according to the picture, for example, “Where is the cat?”

3. Sing Songs

Singing is the effective way for studying English. Children can say many words. Singing will be easier to remember. You can download the song application in English, and do it as a routine.

4. Play Games

Teaching english with games will attract children’s attention. You can play game like snakes and ladders. You must use English in running the games and repeat it in daily activities.

5. Practise in Daily Life

Home is the most effective place to learn English, especially for routine situation. Use English in such situation, like when cleaning the floor with a broom, or what clothes you wear.

6. Teach Grammar

Teaching good and correct english grammar since childhood is an effort to familiarize yourself with the language from an early age, so that it is carried over to adult. Speak according to good grammar. Children will hear the grammar, so they are naturally able to use English correctly.

These are simple ways do them regularly so that their children can speak English easily. Please try them. I hope your children will be skillful after some time without many theories to learn.

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