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Simple Tips to Teach English to Young Children

Children like to learn English with these simple and easy techniques. Some easy tips for them are :

1. Face A Real Situation

We can build their imagination by stories. They grasp things quickly once they are in learning process. They begin with immersive experience. These could be from conversation by phone, watching media like film in English subtitle and so on.

2. Sing Songs

Children like to sing. We can teach them many songs. The simple rhyms is a good start. Then, make with popular and more difficult of high lyric. By listening to the words and follow the beat, kids can get faster in learning English.

3. Take Creative Learning Delivery at Home

Many parents must do some ways to learn English for their kids. Example: when we tell stories, show them the real expression. If you have to be angry, sad, happy and sad, just show these feelings . Of course, you can feel as like stories that you read. So, they will always pay attention and it will not be side track and avoid boredom. Help them to write it down. Even it has multiple grammatical and spelling mistakes.

4. Mix Games with Surprise

Not all kids like to pay attention continuously. They need a break time. That time, we can give them a sweet surprise like snack, candy or some that they like. They need to refresh the brain. Of course, we can do it when the assignment has been completed.

5. Introduce Grammar with General Conversation

The best way to introduce grammar is to keep using the right grammar for all conditions in daily routine. Sometimes, it can be wrong but we can correct them with the right words. You can try again and again the simple tips above. Of course, it takes your time. However if you do it earnestly, the result will be amazing.

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