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Simple Tips For Staying Healthy in Smoky Condition


Hi Smart Ladies, how are you? I hope that all of you are in very good condition.

Alhamdulillah, the weather is getting better in my city, Pontianak. After rainfall in several days, the smoke finally dissapears from the air. Me and the whole citizen can take breath in fresh air again.

Well, for this time, I’d love to share about how to survive from bad condition as what I feel before when the smoke are all around in my city.

There are some tips for all of us. We can try to apply this tips whenever this disaster come back again.

1. Stay at Home

If there’s no important things to do, it will be better for you are just to be stay at home for your better health.


2. Use Masker

It is very important to you. always use this whenever you go somewhere. Then, the horroable smoke will not disturb you directly.


3. Don’t Burn any Rubbish Around Your House

It will be safe if you just throw away your family rubbish on the place that served by the government. Don’t try to burn by your self at home, it can make the air condition worst.

4. Drink Plain Water

It’s very good for your health. Our bodies need water so much. In this bad situation, we need water to keep stay in health. There are still a lot of things that perhaps you can do to avoid the trouble by the smokey air. Fresh air makes your life more beautiful because you will feel so comfort and enjoy the breathing.

We can get fresh air if we control the containt of the smoke in the air. Fresh air is very important in our lifes. To make sure that the air is in pure condition is a very necessary because we need this stuff in every single time to breath. That’s why we should care about the forest. Kalimantan is a very great place to live. There are still so many forest out there. We need the forest to supply good air, that is why it is a very bad idea to cut off trees and burn them just for planting sawit as now.

Save the forest
Save Kalimantan
Say no to smoke
Let’s have a healthy life

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