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How To Teach Children English at Home

Now a days we have to know English besides Indonesian as our mother language.

English is important because is an international language. When you go abroad, you have to communicate in English because not all of us know the language in other country.

English is a bridge of communication with people in other country. The number of people in the country can speak English although they are not fluently in English.

Therefore many parents would like to teach their children English at home, but donโ€™t know how to start. It is good to introduce English as soon as possible. So they will master the language when they get older.

The parents must be patient, when the children donโ€™t speak English soon. They will begin to speak English in another time.

We donโ€™t need much time to teach the children, fifteen minutes is enough for very young children. When they get older, we can teach them more easier.

Teaching English to children has to be a daily activity.

Children love songs, games, books with colours and pictures. The children also like to watch cartoons film or tv programs in English.

If we have space time at home, we can put the books, games, or other things that can help us to teach the children.

The advantage of teaching at home is that the children can practice their daily English and improve their new vocabularies. If we would like to have a good result we have to learn language routine everyday. For example, talk about clothes, ask about the colours, toys, furnitures, things around the house, etc.

When you are cooking and eating, you can ask them about their favourite foods and kind of fruits they like.

The children love songs, so sing a song together with them and make fun. Sing a song activity helps them learning new words and improve their pronounciations.

We donโ€™t need to teach grammar to the children.

We can also start by counting number from one to ten, tell about the colors and adjectives, such are big, small, tall, happy, sad, tired. Besides that, we also can start from our body, for examples face, hand, leg, the name of toys, clothes, names of animals, also tell about foods.

We also can introduce alphabets to the children by singing a song “A, B, C.”

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