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How to Start Teaching Kids English at Home

English is one of the most important language for everyone because it is a global language. They can learn it start from the beginner level until expert level. Family is the first place when someone learning English. Usually a mother, who is the first person that should teach English to the children as well. The most important thing is that, English can be used in the family whenever we learn it with fun, relax, and also in the right time. As parents, we should have a big patience while teaching it to children.

To increase the capability of children’s English knowledgement, there are some steps as follows :

1. Establishing Daily Activities

       To develop ability, daily activities of English time is important. Parents can use 10-15 minutes to practice with children. Parents can make any kind of interesting activities that will improve their knowledge.

2. Playing Games

       Children really like something that make them in fun and comfort situation. We can playing games that can make their vocabularies become increasing. The fast methode nowadays is using flashcard. We can get it at the store or can be downloaded from the internet.

3. Using Daily Situations

       Using daily situations is one of the best way to get many new vocabularies. We can start from our daily routine about clothes. We can ask them about what kind of clothes they like or what kind of clothes they want to use.

4. Using Stories

       One of the favorite way in teaching English to children is that using colorfull and attractive books.  When we try to explain every part of the book, we should use our fingers and put it to the picture, so they can understand about parts of the book. Another way is using animated stories. The children can easily absorb all of the materials. So, they can learn it more fast than usual.

5. Using Songs

        Songs is one of the effective ways to learn English. Children can get new words and pronounciation. They can understand a lot of material when using it. We can also use kids song or animated song when we want to practice it with the kids.

6. Teaching Grammar

      Grammar is needed when someone wants to communicate properly, but not for young children. They do not need much grammar rules, but mostly they need to hear and practice different grammatical structures to improve their talking ability. This is another different situation with the older children. The older children need the grammar rules in order to get a good communication skill. So whenever their abilities show us good improvement, they can teach their family, friends, also other people.



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