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Five Tips to Teach English to the Children at Home


     If  a book is a window of the world, so English is the opening key. It means , how we can see the world if the window is locked? You know that there are many important books are written in English, that’s why we need English to open the window.

     In this modern era, the development of the world is very rapid. Learning English becomes a necessity that  cannot be avoided. However, don’t worry how to teach English to  children, because learning English can be started at home.

     As parents who is the first teacher for a child, teaching English can be done within the childs’ activities at home.

You can try several ways as follows :

1. Through Stories

For chidren who are accustomed to being read stories by their parents, telling some English stories can be done occasionally. In this way, the children will be curious about the storyline, maybe the meaning of every sentence,  then they will be interested in trying to read it for themselves.

2. Through Playing Games

One of the most fun ways to learn English is by playing games. Parents can make their own games, for example : playing buying and selling, guessing alphabets & number, guess the name of object, etc.

Several games are specifically designed as a medium of learning English for children. Accompany them. by playing together, parents can participate in learning also, so that it can make a closer relationship between parents and children.

3. Through Daily Conversation

Learning English can be done in daily conversation. Parents can make a few simple sentences in English, for example:   
-What menu do you want to eat today?                                                 
-Where are you going?                                         
-Thank you for your help, Kids.                                          
-You are my beautiful daughter. 

4. Through Singing a song

The other way to learn English is by singing a song. There are many English children’s songs. Ask them to sing together. Try to explain a little bit the meaning of the lyrics, so that, the children will easily remember the words within a fun way.


5. Through Films 

Every child usually likes watching movie. Prepare some English children’s movies. Ask them to choose their own favourite movies. From the movies, they can learn to understand the meaning of each conversation they hear.

     Teaching English to the children will be a fun time if it’s done in a way thay they like. The importance of home learning is more flexible, because it can be adjusted to their time and activities. 
No reason, teaching children English is difficult, please enjoy  trying the tips above.

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