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5 Effective Tips in Teaching English for Kids

Hi, Smart ladies. Those who do not usually use English to speak in daily life it is like learning to speak as kids do, because English is not their mother tongue. Today, however English is used in every aspect of life in many common places. For example, lots of products use English to inform the product itself. It certainly has been of great concern to us as parents to provide our kids with language skills, in order to keep up with the current development.

What should we prepare as parents? Are we also required to use English in everday life? These are some effective tips we can do in the process of teaching learning English as a foreign language.


1. Learning English is not Scarry at All

As parents who may also be unfamiliar with English in dailylife, have minded that English is frightening. However, we must not show the fear to our kids. Therefore the teaching learning English is becoming an enjoyable process. Create a view that Learning English is like recreation. For example, we can invite our children to mention names of countries together with the unique things from the regions. They will be new vocabularies for parents and children, of course.

2.Listening a Lot of English Songs

Most of us memorize things that respond the tones or songs more quickly. When I was a kid, my parents taught me some kids’songs in English, although they were translated in a simple way, but for the kids who were familiar with the tone of the songs were no doubt to be happy finding the songs in different languages.

3.Taking Notes when We Find New Vocabulary

The learning process of course makes us get new things. For example when we get something we don’t know in English, we can make a small note and stick with “post it” to the item, so that every time we look at the item, we and our kids will always remember the names.

4.Reading a Lot of Books in English, Story Books or Illustrated Stories for Kids

We have certainly seen a lot around us. Once a while we take them to buy a book, and invite them to read it. If they always see the English phrases, they will get used to them.

5.Finding Someone to Talk

It is appropriate to speak to kids in the process of learning English. The purpose is to train them develop confidence in speaking English as well. The other positive impact is kids will not only be able to speak more fluently, but we the parents will also improve ourselves in speaking English in everyday speech.

These are some effective tips in teaching primary English to help kids hone the ability from early ages.


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