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4 Tips of Effective English Learning for Children

Hello, Smart Ladies.

We know that English becomes one of foreign languages that is being learned at school, even from toddler level. It often seems difficult for Indonesian children to achieve excellently.

It becomes harder when they must read each word that has completely different pronunciation from their lettering. Even those kids usually haven’t been able to read any words in Indonesian fluently.

Then, Smart Ladies, what should adults or teachers do to make kids easier to learn English?
Let’s check the four tips.

1. Making a Repetition and Habituation in Learning

Adults or teachers should make kids be common to listen to English utterances. It can be started by greeting them anytime they meet or part. They should be common with some simple greetings such as: good morning, hi, hello, goodbye, or see you.

At the next level, adults can add some more complicated phrases. Ask them something using English. For example : When adults see them doing something, they can ask, “What are you doing?” At the first time, it would be difficult for children to answer, even perhaps they will not understand what adults talk about.

However, by repeating the action and giving them understanding how to answer, they probably try to speak. They may just say, “reading” or “playing.” Then they will get improvement by answering using more words, such as: “I’m reading” or “I’m playing football”.

2. Writing is not Necessary for Children

English writing can be more difficult than writing in their own daily language. It also can make them upset and bored.
Therefore, make them focus on listening and speaking as the first start in learning English.

3. Practicing

Speaking is a part of practicing. It shows kids’ understanding in observing teachers or adults in saying English utterances.

It is a form of their confidence in learning. They usually feel shy in saying a word. When they can be able to speak a word, it proves that they are ready to continue to the next level in learning English.

4. Making the Learning Process Fun

There are a lot of methods that can be used in learning English. Some fun methods are easier to encourage a progress than some rigid methods.

Singing, playing games, or watching videos or movies can be the fun ways to make children learning.

From those tips, the most important thing is consistency. If adults or teachers are consistent in applying the methods, then expected result will follow.

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