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3 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste

The topic about waste is always interesting to be discussed, especially to find out the solution how to reduce it and come to zero waste.
Waste can be divided into three types as follows:

1. Organic waste like leaves or vegetable waste from kitchens.

2. Non organic waste like plastic or semi plastic.

3. Metal waste like electronic devices.

We will be focused on the topic of non organic waste like plastic and the kind of it. Non organic waste like plastic can be from houses, industry, and market. Every day, plastic waste distributes a lot to the earth. If we donโ€™t concern to reduce plastic waste, it will be dangerous for our life.
Land will be poor in nutrition for the ecosystem. Plastic waste under sea causes some fish or other sea ceatures dead. The waste is also harmful for foreign tourist or local visitors to dive under the sea.

Start from our selves in our own environment. We can do small things, but it has big effect to surroundings. Plastic waste is hard and take many years to break down or proceed into small particles in land. The poor condition is threatening for the ecosystem and destroy the chain of human life. We must analyse where plastic waste come from? How much it is to be waste. Knowing the danger, we must stop our life style using plastic for daily life from now.

Imagine, one day we donโ€™t use plastic at all. There are three tips to reduce plastic waste:

1. Stop Using Plastic from Now

Make go green a life style. Bring go green bag for shopping. Bring stainless drinking bottle, so, do not buy water in the plastic one. Bring lunch box and donโ€™t buy some food with plastic packaging.

2. Change Plastic Straw with Stainless or Bamboo Ones

If every one drinks water with plastic straw every day how much the land can load, of course it ruins the environment.

3. Educate others About Go Green Life Style to Save Our Earth from Waste

Do not only speak, small action to stop using plastic waste can make big impact to save our planet.
Campaign to industry to change plastic packaging to other friendly packaging for safety. The companies have CSR to reduce plastic waste.

We can save the world from plastic waste starting from us. It can make better life for us for next generation in the future.

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